• The difference between 0w30 oil and 5w40. What else to pay attention to

    When choosing motor oil 0w30, 0w20, 0w10 or 0w40, you need to clearly understand the difference between these options. Motor oil 0w20, for example, is designed for more modern engines that have minimal clearances between parts. Whereas 0w40 engine oil is suitable for the same types of engines, but with different operating conditions. Find more here: castrol edge vs mobil 1


    Motor oil 0w30


    Oil with this index has a medium viscosity at positive temperatures and improved fluidity at negative temperatures. This lubricant can be used all year round, depending on the climate. It is worth noting that at subzero temperatures, a not too viscous oil is preferable, since starting the engine will be easier if the lubricant is not very thick. It depends on the quality and viscosity of the oil what the pressure in the engine will be, whether it will be possible to start it, whether the pistons can move and whether the oil film will form strong enough. Lubricants can be classified into the following types:

    • Summer;
    • All-season;
    • Winter.

    Winter motor oils are excellent for use at low temperature conditions; in hot weather they are not used due to the reduced viscosity, since the oil cannot lubricate the parts well enough and becomes like water in consistency. But it does not get too thick in the cold, which contributes to the normal start of the engine, its optimal operation.


    Motor oil 0w20


    Many modern engines have small gaps between parts, are designed to operate at high speeds , therefore, they require not very thick lubricant that can not ignite at high temperatures, since carbon deposits significantly complicate the operation of the power unit. These lubricants include 0w20 engine oil, whose characteristics show that it is ideal for winter use . If the engine is modern, such oil can be used as an all-season oil, before filling it, you need to familiarize yourself with the service requirements of your particular car model. The flowing oil makes it easier to start the engine, helps to reduce friction between the parts, and to reduce fuel consumption, since the parts are easier to interact with, they do not have to turn over the thick mass.



  • Motor oil 0w40-synthetics


    You can not find this type of product very often, this is due to the specifics of its technical characteristics. This lubricant is considered all-season, but in hot climates where summer temperatures can reach +50 degrees, this oil should not be used.


    Anti-counterfeiting methods


    Modern technologies make it possible to counterfeit almost any container, however, if the plant produces products in metal barrels, it is less often counterfeited, since the manufacture of containers is more expensive. When buying, you should pay attention to a number of parameters:

    • The place of purchase, if it is a store of an official representative, the risk of buying not an original, but a fake is reduced to a minimum.
    • The cost of the goods should not be too low. Underpricing in most cases indicates fake or expired products, the use of which will harm the engine.
    • Pay attention to the quality of the packaging and its compliance with the original.
    • Article, date of manufacture. Sometimes there is a production time for the product on the package; it is required to remember that more than two canisters cannot be released per minute.
    • The presence of protective watermarks, other elements of licensed products.



    When choosing a lubricant, the first thing to consider is the climate in which you use your car. Lubricants labeled 0W are more focused on severe winters and cool summers, but in the northern regions of the country they can be used as universal ones. This will help save money on frequent oil changes, and not get into an unpleasant situation when the car does not want to start in winter.